We promote
thinking and acting
among apprentices
and employees

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting in education

The ability to think and act entrepreneurially is the basis for sustainable economic success. Entrepreneurs are challenged to assert themselves not only in specialist disciplines, but also in an increasingly complex economic and social environment.

That is why, as a non-profit association, we are committed to strengthening entrepreneurial thinking and acting in education. As a Swiss center, we focus on vocational learners and vocational schools, and multiply our impact by working closely with teachers.

Through programs, events, and structured learning materials, we bring together interested individuals and key organizations to promote an entrepreneurial Switzerland.

Our fields of action

Become part of our initiative

Promote and develop entrepreneurial thinking and acting among young people in Switzerland. Network with interesting partners and become part of our initiative. Together we learn from each other and expand our network.

Our active members are entitled to vote and can be elected. They contribute their ideas and actively work on the realisation of the association’s purpose.

Ambassadors are committed to the purpose of the association and carry entrepreneurial thinking and acting out into the world. Therefore, they have an advisory say within the framework of the present statutes.

Passive members identify with our association and support our projects and fields of action with their membership fee.

Independent sponsors help us to achieve the purpose of the association – with individual services in return.