UDH continuing education for teachers

Content of the course

During the course, teachers will learn about the myidea program for developing entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. The program is characterized by these main components:

  • Working on one’s own business idea

  • The acquisition of entrepreneurship knowledge (e.g., idea development, unique selling proposition, contribution margin and break-even point calculation, marketing)

  • Working with case studies that report on successful and failed start-ups

  • Aspects of critical thinking

The aim is to anchor entrepreneurial thinking and acting in basic vocational training.

The participating teachers slip into the role of the learners and experience each step of the business idea development themselves. Didactics, methodology and variants for implementing the topic are presented and discussed. Teachers are expected to contribute their experience and expertise critically and constructively with regard to their teaching experiences.


Implementation of myidea

Knowledge acquisition, processing and application are consistently linked. The topic can be implemented over a period of seven to nine weeks (approx. 21 to 27 lessons).


Course objectives Basic training

The training concept is based on the idea that the participating teachers in the basic training (4-day training) take on the role of vocational students, i.e., they themselves develop a business idea and a business model, draw up a business plan and come up with a marketing concept to make the product or service known. In this way, they learn about the ups and downs on the way to developing a business idea and are then better able to accompany the learners as coaches during these steps. The training for teachers also includes additional information on business and educational psychology that is important for understanding the program.


Target group

Vocational teachers

The course can be credited as regular continuing education.


Course management / course instructors

The course is co-taught by vocational teachers (multipliers) trained in “ETA”.



Sandra Uhlmann, Coordinator Continuing Education scETA




Course 2/24 | 30 September + 1/ 2/ 3 October (in German, in Olten)

Olten or by arrangement

Cost of basic training CHF 600.-

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We are also happy to offer an ETA training course at your vocational school.

Indicative price (20-25 participants): CHF 12,000.00 (Not included in the price are any expenses.)